An astronaut who weighs 126lb on Earth weighs only21lb on the moon. How much would a person who weights 31lb on the moon weigh on Earth?

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If his weight on Earth is 126lb and only 21lb on moon, you can divide [latex]126/21[/latex] to see what is the ratio of those weights. [latex]126/21=6[/latex] It means that your weight on moon will be 6 times less than on Earth. Now we have to multiply 31lb which is weight of the person on moon by 6 to get his weight on Earth [latex]6*31=186[/latex]


On moon our mass becomes 1/6 of actual mass so if you weigh 60 kg then your mass on moon will be 10 kg.. Similarly if your mass on moon is 31 lbs then your mass on earth will be 31*6=186 lbs. Please mark it as best if u like it

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