Alejandra plans to sew fringe on a scarf. The scarf is shaped rectangle. The length of the scarf is 48 inches. The width is one half the length. How many fringe does Alejandra need?

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Ok so you will be finding the perimeter of this rectangle. The formula is P(perimeter)=2L(length) + 2W(width) so the length is 48 and the width is 1/2 of 48, and we all know that 1/2 of 48 = 24 right? so in the formula is says 2L so we will take 48 and multiply it by 2 and get 96. The same way with the width. 24 times 2 = 48 so then we add them together and get 144. Therefore the perimeter and the length of fringe that she will use (or how ever you say it) will be 144 inches. Hope this helps!;)

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