A rental car costs ​$ 30 per day plus ​$ 0.20 per mile. If someone has ​$ 250 to spend and needs to drive the car 60 miles each​ day, for how many days can that person rent the​ car? Assume that the car cannot be rented for part of a day.

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so... for one day and no miles, the car costs 30*1, for 2 days 30*2, for 30*3 and so on, for "d" days, the car costs 30*d or 30d now, if the driver drives it for 1 mile, the mileage costs is 0.20*1, for 2 miles is 0.20*2 for 3 miles is 0.20*3 and so on, for "m" miles, it costs 0.20*m or 0.2m so, the actual costs to rent the car "d" days for "m" miles is really C( d, m ) = 30d+0.20m so.. if someone had only $250 to spend, and needs it for 60miles each day, how many days is that?  [latex]\bf C( d, m ) = 30d+0.20m\qquad \begin{cases} C(d,m)=250\\ m=60 \end{cases}\\\\\\ 250=30d+0.20(60)[/latex] solve for "d"

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