A rectangle has an area of 32 square feet and a perimeter of 24 feet. What is the shortest of the side lengths, in feet, of the rectangle? F. 1 G. 2 H. 3 J. 4 K. 8

(2) Answers

Perimeter=2l+2w 24=2l+2w 2l=24-2w l=12-w Area=lw 32=(12-w)w 32=12w-w^2 w^2-12w+32=0 (w-4)(w-8)=0 w-4=0 w=4 ans. l=12-4=8 ans. w-8=0 w=9 and. l=12-8=4 ans. Proof: 24=2*8+2*4 24=16+8 24=24 32=8*4 32=32


First use 24 divided by 2 and guess which two numbers could add up to 12.Then find out the sum of two numbers must be 32. The answer is4. 4plus8 eques 12 and the sum is 32.

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