A number to the 12th power divided by the same number to the 9th power equals 125.what is the number

(1) Answers

n^12/n^9 = 125 Let's use our product rules first! n*n*n*n*n*n*n*n*n*n*n*n/n*n*n*n*n*n*n*n*n We can cancel out nine of those and we're left with:  n^3 = 125. We should expand that....  n*n*n = 125. What times itself three times is 125? Oh! That would be the cubed root! Let's find it. 4*4*4 = 64, so that's not it. How about 6*6*6? Nope, that's 216. Hmm... 5*5*5? Yes! That's it. That means we're left with n=5. Let's plug it back in, just to check. 5^12/5^9 = 125 5^3 = 125 5*5*5 = 125 That's correct, so your answer would be that the number is 5.

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