A Fisher man in a boat catches a huge fish with a rod and starts to pull it in. The fish struggles for o while and then becomes still when it is at a distance of 200 m from the boat. During this operation, the boat moves 25 m in the direction of the fish. If the mass of the boat is 500 kg , calculate the mass of the fish.

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Here's how to solve. The boat move 25m while the fish is being reeled in from 200m. It's a center of mass problem - if the water friction can be ignored then the center of mass of the boat/fish system lies 25m from the initial position of the boat. m1 * x1 = m2 * x2 500 * 25 = m2 * 200 200m2 = 125000 m2 = 625 So the mass of the fish is 625 kg.


Data given: m1:500 kg d1:25 m d2: 200m m2: ? m1 x d1 = m2 x d2 500 x 25 = m2 x 200 200m2 = 12500 m2 = 62.5kg So the mass of the fish is 62.5 kg.

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