A fair sold a total of 3,300 tickets on Friday and Saturday. It sold 100 more on Friday than on Saturday. How many tickets did the fair sell on Friday? Explain.

(2) Answers

The fair sold 1600 tickets on Friday and 1700 tickets on Saturday. Take the equation 2x + 100 = 3300, with x being the days, and the 100 being the extra sold on Saturday. Subtract 100 from 3300, which makes the equation 2x = 3200. x is then 1600. That is the amount of tickets sold on Friday. Add 100 to that and it becomes 1700 tickets sold on Saturday.


3,300 divided by 2 is 1,500 so you would take 100 tickets from Saturday and give them to Friday so you would have sold 1,600 tickets on Friday and 1,500 on Saturday

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