a company that manufactures cars for freight trains manufactured 226 cars in the month of august, out of which 190 were boxcars. what fraction of the cars manufactured were not boxcars?

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First subtract 190 from 226 which will give us 36.  Then you can set up that as a fraction.  You put 226 as the denominator because it's the whole.  You put 36 as the numerator because it is the amount taken out.  36/226.  Now, you can simplify.  The easiest way to simplify is to divide by two until one of them is an odd number. 36/2= 18   226/2= 113   18/113.  Now, because these can't both be divided by two , we must find the lowest common denominator.  There is no common denominator for these two numbers, so the final fraction will be 18/113

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