a chess player played 20 games total. if he won 2 of the games, what is the ratio of games he lost to games he won?

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[latex]20-2=18\\\sf\\So,~ he~ lost~ 18~ games.\\\\games~ lost:games~ won\\\\The~ ratio ~is \\18:2\\\\Which~ can~ be~ simplified ~to\\9:1[/latex]


1.       Find the ratio of the Chess player in where he played a total of 20 games and won 2 of the games. Ratio is considered as the quantitative relationship between to numbers that show the value of both sides. Now, in the chess game, there are 20 games in all and he won 2 games. To get the ratio of his lose and win, simply subtract 2 from 20 => 20 -2 = 18 thus, the ratio of the chess game is => 18 : 2 => 18 is the lose => 2 is the win.

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