A carnival ride is in the shape of a wheel with a radius of 25 feet. The wheel has 20 cars attached to the center of the wheel. What is the central angle, arc length, and area of a sector between any two cars? Round answers to the nearest hundredth if applicable. You must show all work and calculations to receive credit.

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First we need to calculate parameter of the wheel. r = 25 feet P = 2*r*pi = 157.08 a) central angle is easy to calculate. Full circle has 360 degrees and if we divide that by 20 cars we get  360/20 = 18 degrees between 2 cars b) Arc length we will calculate by dividing parameter with number of cars. P/20 = 7,85 feet c) Wheel has area of A = r^2 * pi = 1963.50 feet^2 if we divide A with number of cars we get area of sector between 2 cars. A/20 = 98.17 feet^2

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