A car starts from rest and travels a distance of 150 m in 15 s with a constant acceleration what is the velocity of the car after 15 s?

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here, we have  d = 150m,  t = 15s,  V0 = zero, acc. is constant he wants Vf (final velocity) after 15s we will use to 2 equations from the kinametics equation  the first one to get the acc. which is d= v0*t+0.5*a*t^2                                  v0=zero then d= 0.5*a*t^2                                              then a= 2*d/(t^2) = 4/3 m/s^2 we have the acceleration now so we can get the V through this Equation V=v0+a*t     0+ 4/3 * 15= 20 m/s

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