A car starts from an initial velocity of 10m/s and accelerates at 2.5m/s².how long will it take the car to reach a speed of 40m/s.. How far doea the car travel during this time?

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a=(v-u)/t We know a=2.5, v=40, u=10, so: 2.5=(40-10)/t 2.5t=40-10 2.5t=30 Divide both sides by 2.5 t=12 It takes 12 seconds for the car to reach 40m/s To find out how far it went, you do: d=v+1/2 at^2 d=10+1/2(2.5)(12)^2 d=10+1/2(2.5)(144) d=10+(1.25)(72) d=10+90 d=100m Hope this helps :)

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