A battery manufacturer randomly tests 500 batteries and finds that 3 are defective. How many defective batteries would be expected in a shipment of 12,000 batteries? A. 120 B. 72 C. 60 D. 36

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To find this answer, we must first find the percentage of batteries that are defective. We can do this by dividing 3 by 500. 3 / 500 = 0.006 So our percentage of defective batteries is 0.6%. Now, to find out how many defective batteries would be in a batch of 12000, we just need to multiply the constant (percentage of defective batteries) by the amount in the new batch. 12000 * 0.006 = 72 In a shipment of 12,000 batteries, 72 will be defective, so the correct answer choice would be B. Hope that helped =)

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