a 57-foot wire is cut into three pieces. the second pieces is 7 feet longer than the first piece and the third piece is twice as long as the second piece. how long is each piece?

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so first off, you already know the second peice is 7 feet longer so u start with 7. and u know the 3rd piece is twice as long as the second piece so we start with fourteen. then you evenly distripute 1 foot to each group until you run out of wire


Let's form some expressions! Let the length of the first piece be x. We know the length of the second piece is (x + 7). Since the third piece is twice as long as the second, it's length is 2(x + 7). We are told the total length of these three pieces is 57. By the way I have been omitting the unit of feet because it is a pain to keep writing. In fact it is superfluous anyway at this point. x + (x + 7) + 2(x + 7) = 57 4x + 21 = 57 4x = 36 x = 9 Therefore the first piece has length 9ft, the second has length 16ft, and the third 32ft. I hope this helps you :)

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