50 POINTS!!!!! Which epic characteristics are found in this excerpt from the Iliad by Homer? And now, the warriors passing on the way, The graceful Paris first excused his stay. To whom the noble Hector thus replied: "O chief! in blood, and now in arms, allied! Thy power in war with justice none contest; Known is thy courage, and thy strength confess'd. What pity sloth should seize a soul so brave, Or godlike Paris live a woman's slave! My heart weeps blood at what the Trojans say, And hopes thy deeds shall wipe the stain away. Haste then, in all their glorious labours share, For much they suffer, for thy sake, in war. These ills shall cease, whene'er by Jove's decree We crown the bowl to heaven and liberty: While the proud foe his frustrate triumphs mourns, And Greece indignant through her seas returns. 1. epithet 2. epic simile 3. starting in medias res 4. invocation of a muse 5. vast setting

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A characteristic describes something, sorta like an adjective. 3) starting in medias res would be one, since it means to start the plot through dialogue, etc.  4) invocation of a muse would also be one, since the poet is inspiring something worthy. 

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