5 sentences about outdoor recreation that will help me revise for a test

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Outdoor recreational activities benefit people in a variety of ways. Some are listed below. Many activities provide a combination of physical, mental and spiritual benefits. Physical fitness Some of these activities will help keep you physically fit if you do them regularly. Relaxation The woodlot provides a quiet setting to escape from everyday pressures and relax your mind while enjoying an outdoor activity. Adventure Some of these activities such as mountain biking can be stimulating, challenge your limits, and provide fun and adventure. Personal enjoyment You may appreciate the outdoors for such pleasures as enjoying the beautiful scenery, or the sense of discovery in finding interesting historical or natural features such as wild flowers. Nature Appreciation Spending time on the woodlot can encourage an appreciation of what we see and a desire to better understand and care for nature. Other If outdoor recreation benefits you in another way, describe it here in a sentence or two. Give each benefit listed a rating of 1, 2 or 3 depending on how important it is to you. One is Very Important, Two is Somewhat Important and Three is Not Very Important. Write the number beside the benefit.

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