1. Determine whether the regular hexagon has reflection symmetry, rotation symmetry, both, or neither. If it has reflection symmetry, state the number of axes of symmetry and draw all the symmetry lines. If it has rotation symmetry, state the angle of rotation. For each type of symmetry, explain how you can tell the figure does or does not have the given symmetry.

(1) Answers

The regular hexagon has both reflection symmetry and rotation symmetry. Reflection symmetry is present when a figure has one or more lines of symmetry. A regular hexagon has 6 lines of symmetry. It has a 6-fold rotation axis. Rotation symmetry is present when a figure can be rotated (less than 360°) and still look the same as before it was rotated. The center of rotation is a point a figure is rotated around such that the rotation symmetry holds. A regular hexagon can be rotated 6 times at an angle of 60°

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