12+5x=7x+3 solve for x. show your work.

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1st: 12+5x=7x+3-3 2nd: 9+5x=7x 3rd: 9+5x-5x=7x-5x 4th: 9=2x 5th: 9/2=2x/2 6th x=4.5 CHECK:12 +5x4.5=7x4.5+3 12+22.5=31.5+3 34.5=34.5 X=4.5


The first thing you should do is get x on one side. 12+5x=7x+3 12+5x-5x=7x-5x+3 12=2x+3 Now that you've done that you must get the 2x by itself. You can do this by subtracting 3 from both sides. 12-3=2x+3-3 9=2x Remember, you would only subtract if the number next to x is positive. If it is negative you would add. (Ex. 12=5x-3,12+3=5x-3+3, 15/5=5x/5, 3=x) Now, you must divide both sides by 2 to get x by itself. 9/2=2x/2 Therefore your answer is 4.5=x Now you have your X by itself. Hope this helps.

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