1. Which group did Nazi ideology consider superior to other people? a) Zionists b) Gypsies c) Jehovah's Witnesses d)Aryans  2. Hitler’s economic persecution of Jews in Germany involved: a) putting Jews into death camps. b) barring Jews from working in civil service. c) teaching "racial science" courses in schools. d) prohibiting marriage between Jews and non-Jews. 3. The largest Nazi death camp was located at: a)Dachau. b) Ravensbruck. c) Treblinka. d) Auschwitz. Please help me out!

(1) Answers

1. D. Aryans. He believed that all blonde-haired blue-eyed Germans were descendants of the Aryans 2. B. The key word is "economic". The other answer choices are political or social persecutions. 3. D. Auschwitz. Auschwitz was the largest death camp, holding the title for most deaths during th Holocaust.

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