Social Studies

1. Which best describes a sense of self? (Points : 1) thoughts and feelings about yourself beliefs about your actions perception of your relationship to others personal world view Question 2. 2. In addition to self-confidence, self-respect, and values, which has a great influence on one’s sense of self? (Points : 1) perceptions actions beliefs attitude Question 3. 3. Which of the following is influenced by your sense of self? (Points : 1) treatment of others problem-solving ability creativity talent Question 4. 4. Which statement is not true about influences on one’s sense of self? (Points : 1) Influences can be internal or external. Influences can sway your thoughts and actions. Many factors influence your sense of self. Your internal promoter is a negative influence on your sense of self. Question 5. 5. Which best describes an internal critic? (Points : 1) a voice that criticizes your thoughts and actions a component of your overall sense of self an ill-defined weakness of character a character flaw that remains well hidden Question 6. 6. Which is an example of an influence on one’s sense of self? (Points : 1) social environment intelligence physical appearance social status Question 7. 7. What should you ask yourself to test your self-respect? (Points : 1) Would the person I admire most respect my actions? Do I respect myself and the people around me? What sorts of mistakes have I made in the past? What are my positive characteristics and talents? Question 8. 8. Which is an effective strategy for enhancing your sense of self? (Points : 1) Develop a sense of humor. Engage in a variety of social activities. Reach out to friends for their help. Identify values that are meaningful to you. Question 9. 9. Which action might help to increase self-confidence? (Points : 1) involving yourself in meaningful activities noting your shortcomings taking a stance of “protective pessimism” evaluating the skills of your peers and superiors Question 10. 10. Which describes a strategy to change your attitude? (Points : 1) replacing a negative thought with a positive one switching to a “helping” profession adopting the actions of a respected leader adopting a neutral stance in regard to social issues

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